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Start reading now and enjoy thousands to millions of unlimited titles and you can rent it whenever you want, with a total collection of up to 250,000 and will continue to be updated with the times. And also get a free library member card when registering, book rental can be up to 21 days, this is quite satisfying for you who love to read.

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Rent books that you like repeatedly even every day, up to 5 books in a row.

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We also have Best-seller books that are made by well-known journalists and are currently booming. All of these books are valid for the past 1 year, so you don't need to worry about this best-seller books data because this data is truly original based on user surveys.


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To satisfy readers in the Dryas Library we want to give some advantages to our library that are not in other libraries, or even yet. For that we want to show this feature as well as pamper you as a book enthusiast.

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  • Duration of Loans Up to 21 Days
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